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You Spin Me Right Round ~ Beloit WI Record Store


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” 
- Walt Disney
When I first met my husband, back in high school, I wasn’t really his biggest fan.

Sure, I found him adorable (as any 5’5″ baby-faced guitar player would be!)

However, his music tastes were…in my 16 year old mind….lacking quite a bit.

I mean, Dream Theater? Pink Floyd. No thank you.

When we “remet” in 2002, we bonded over the fact that we both collected vinyl. Now, this was at a pre-hipster-invasion time when vinyl wasn’t yet sold at Urban Outfitters and Miley Cyrus wasn’t contemplating a vinyl release of her record (because she was, like, 6 years old or something…..)

Vinyl collecting wasn’t exactly “cool” at that point, but it was EASY….I used to find Mobile Fidelity Soundlab copies of Fleetwood Mac in PRISTINE condition for 99 cents at rummage sales. No joke.

I had amassed a tidy little collection by that point, and so had he….and eventually we “merged” our collection…..the sign of true commitment.

Then something REALLY odd happened. Something completely unexpected.


Suddenly we noticed that when you watched your favorite band on a late night show, they would showcase the VINYL copy of the new album….not the CD.

We noticed that vinyl was alive again, and that was pretty cool…because for us it never died.

I think people have realized that for all the convenience digital music offers, there is just something wonderful, nostalgic, warm, and calming about listening to music the way it was meant to be heard.

I remember one of the first times I ever went to my husband’s house, before we even started dating, he played a Jimmy Eat World song (Table for Glasses) on vinyl for me…..he turned the stereo up and listening to that song, that way seriously made me a lifelong fan of that band. It was incredible. Somehow I think listening to that on an iPod in the car wouldn’t have had the same overwhelming affect.

So where am I going with this little story?

I have a point, I swear.

Over the past few months I’ve been Vague-booking and Vague-blogging and being…well…insufferable on social media…about a secret project the husband and I were working on. We are finally ready to let the proverbial cat….or in this case, dog….outta the bag.

Tin Dog Records.


(Check out www.tindogrecords.com )

Since I’ve known my husband, he’s wanted to open a record store. We always kind of thought that was a bit of a pipe dream…like wanting to live on a house boat or be a beer taster for a living. Awesome? Yeah, probably….but how many people actually GET to do their dream job?

Fate has a way of smacking our family around a bit…..and very much like what happened to me back in 2008….my husband lost his job in September.

And very much like me….it was a wake-up call.

If not now…..when? 

Do you continue living the one life you have to live working a job you happen to be okay at, but isn’t your passion? Isn’t what you live, breathe, and bleed?

Opportunity doesn’t knock often….so when it does, I feel like you have to grab it by the throat, knock it over the head, and drag it into your house (dang, that was a bit violent….)

We happened to be chit chatting with my current landlord at the studio one evening when I asked if he had ANY other locations open in downtown Beloit. Just out of curiosity.
Turns out he was interested in turning the back of my building (which is currently a whole lotta unused, old, busted space) into a storefront that faces the other way.


HUZZAH! No joke, we jumped on it.

So, the home of Tin Dog Records is currently being built….and come March 2014 (in time for April’s Record Store Day) we will be ready to launch.

We are going to take advantage of the Holidazzle this year and set up a little “sneak peek” at 312 State Street (my studio) for people to get a bit of a taste of the store….so I hope folks will make time to swing by, listen to some Christmas vinyl, warm up in the soft glow of my studio windows and buy some vinyl : )

2013-11-11_0003Please “like” Tin Dog Records on Facebook HERE  and support the return of vinyl to Beloit!

  • Michelle

    Rock on, my awesome friend. Exceptionally happy for (and proud of!) you.

    Except? Dream Theater is the shiz – and so is Pink Floyd, so we’ll have to agree to disagree there. ;)

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