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Friday Fractured Thought(s) ~ Wisconsin Photographer

Fractured Thoughts

- Hello.  My name is Amanda. And I am a girl who forms unhealthy bonds to TV characters.

Yep. I am totally owning up to it. I ain’t even gonna lie.

When Scrubs ended, I was bummed for a week. Seriously. Zach Braff? My man.

When Sex and the City was done….tears. Big ol’ puddle of mush.

But dude…I didn’t even LIKE this particular show a month ago. Farting aliens? Inexplicable story lines? Time travel? Pshhhh! No thank you. Give me boring British dinners and hushed conversations ANYTIME.

But then I gave Dr. Who a chance….and then another. And dangit, it MADE me fall in love with it. With its sensitive Doctor character and the Rose storyline and Rose getting sucked into the other dimension. Ugh. Heart wrenching.
This week….we watched the final David Tennant episode. Boo. Sadness. Because I do not like change. And Matt Smith is change. Not one for the better, if you ask me.

Remember when I said nerds need eye candy too? Well, the men get Amy Pond. Quite the step up from Donna Nobel. What do we get? Cro-Magnon man. Meh.

So yeah. I’m sad this week. That’s my nerd rant.

– HOWEVER….DT and Billie Piper ARE coming back for the 50th Anniversary Special. Woot!

(I am probably going to have to realize that 90% of my readers don’t give two peanuts about Dr. Who)

– Molly made some strides this week. For one, she counted to 10 all by herself. Completely unprompted! She also said her first 2+ word sentence unprompted. That being: “Betty. Eat your rice.”

So proud.

– I’m officially AARP membership primed. I have fallen hard for the new 2013 Buick Encore. BUICK. Yes…but its soooo purrty.

– In about 2 weeks I’m teaching a class ALL about Wedding Virgins (that’ll be first time wedding shooters, my friends. Minds outta the guttah!)

Check out the details here:


– Dude. DUUUUUDE. Pull up a chair. Let’s talk, Photographers.

Stealing is bad. Stealing other photographer’s work and slapping it on your website? Yes, we’ve talked about this. Bad. Bad. Bad. So WHY, pray tell, does this keep happening? I don’t get it. Do you imagine you’re the ONE. SPECIAL. PERSON. who is not going to get caught? That the internet can’t SEE you? That your Facebook page offers some sort of invisibility cloak against the REAL artists?

This week the culprit was Bella Rose Photography out of St. Cloud, MN. They had swiped some work not only from some Chicago shooters, but Milwaukee as well! When confronted they gave the old “it was someone else” speech….but since the good old Internet Regulator Takedown, they have removed their Facebook and their website portfolio is seeming a bit thinner. Good.

Folks. Don’t even BOTHER stealing. Seriously. You’ll get busted. And the word will spread. It’s a bad bad bad way to start and maintain a business. If your work isn’t good enough to garner a sustainable income, either WORK on it….and pay your dues….or find another line of work.


– Decided this week to be an adult and forego my somewhat pricey New York trip I had planned this year. I’m feeling a bit of wanderlust lately. It’s been over a year since our last trip anywhere. I want to go explore…..but Dave Ramsey comes first. HOWEVER…if anyone out in, say, Seattle or Portland is looking to bring in a wedding photographer….hey, would love to get started knocking things off the old bucket list!

– So, Walmart and Sears portrait studios closed their doors this week. For good. That’s done. Fin.

I’ll be blogging about this later this week, but let’s just say I think it illustrates the “adapt or die” mentality of business and marketing PERFECTLY. You fail to adapt, you become unneeded and unwanted. Old hat. Consumers hate old hat.

– I have talented friends. No joke. Check out this amazing work from Dave Jackson on Drowning Pool’s new album. You blow me away, Dave. Seriously: http://scottkelby.com/2013/its-guest-blog-wednesday-featuring-david-e-jackson-2/

This, my friends, is EXCEPTIONAL.

– SPEAKING of exceptional people, Jimmy Eat World’s new album is dropping soon! (insert excited schoolgirl squeal)

– I’m ramping up the blogging this season. Be forewarned. I’ve build a 2 page list of blog topics that I’ll be rolling out over the next few months.

– Do you “like” Type A on Facebook yet? Best way to catch all the blog posts, sneak peeks, tid bits, nibbles, whatever….It’s fun over there. Check it: https://www.facebook.com/typeaimages

– This week? Business headshots, family session, my last Silver Linings session for awhile, bridal meeting, a fitness session (a departure for me, but should be fun!), another family session….spring…it’s on its way!

– Here’s your weekly Instagram/Not-Instagram run down. It was a hectic week, with Easter and all…Molly got a bit of the yuck-ear going on and was super crabby. Betty decided she’s going to be a sullen 12 year old from here on out.

Good times. Gooood times.

2013-04-04_0005Ok. So, my family has been mentioning that the cross-eyed pictures of Molly? Bordering on not so cute anymore.

I swear. NOT. CROSSEYED. She just DOES that….her therapist seems to think she’s trying to focus on the camera or the phone. Who knows. I still think it’s a little cute….

They were playing Project Runway in the top pic. Well, Betty was…Molly was just pretty much doing anything Betty was doing.

OH! And Seth Godin. Totally my bedtime reading choice du jour. Brilliant stuff. Brilliant.


And some Easter goodness….

2013-04-04_0007 2013-04-04_0008 2013-04-04_0009 2013-04-04_0010 2013-04-04_0011 2013-04-04_0012

Molly ate ASPARAGUS. Gross. The kid is like a goat. She’ll eat anything.

2013-04-04_0013 2013-04-04_0014


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