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Friday Fractured Thought(s) ~ Wisconsin Photographer

Fractured Thoughts

- Longest. Friggin’. Week. EVER. Holy crap. It was like the week that wouldn’t end. I haven’t shot this much since before Christmas and I am WIPED. Can’t complain about being this busy in January though. Pretty groovy.

– Senior mailers finally hit the mailboxes this week….and the model applications started trickling in! I’m taking applications until the end of this month only, so jump on it!

– Had some much-needed Betty time and went and saw Wreck It Ralph. It was super cute. Couldn’t convince the kid to go see Les Mis….

– SPEAKING of Les Mis….Yay for Anne Hathaway’s Golden Globe win! Boo for YouTube removing the full showing of the 25th Anniversary concert. I was quite enjoying it while I edited.

The Golden Globes were quite…ok…this year. I missed Ricky Gervais, honestly. I think I was probably the only one, but I find him hilarious.

– Got all sorts of studio/shooting goodies in the mail this week: new strip lights, ND filters, the ugliest backdrop known to man (it was $19. You can imagine how terrible this thing is. But it all fits into my grand senior portrait scheme….bwuhuhhahah!)   I’m not one to spend a terrible amount of money on…much…but it was pretty fun to buy a bunch of stuff I sorely needed.

And yes. I needed a really ugly background. Trust me : )

– Molly had her 6 month evaluation with her Birth to 3 Speech Therapist (she has a separate person for motor skills). When she started the plan at 18 months old, her verbal/speech was at a 9 month old level (she’s run consistently 1/2 her age on pretty much everything). Welp, upon evaluation she’s about at 16 months!!! I’m thrilled, because now she can sort of indicate what she wants, and she has about 30-40 words and that’s constantly building!

– Had our So. WI Photographer’s Meet Up this week, where we talked about mistakes made in 2012 and what we hope to improve on and change in 2013. I have BIG plans for 2013….some I haven’t quite worked out just yet….but I know WHERE I’d like to be by this time next year. It’s scary, because I’m looking at the year ahead and I’m not really sure where it’s going to take me…..but it’s started off so awesome work-wise that I hope it keeps going in this direction.

– It was a weird week for me. I’ve found myself just getting really….sad lately….missing Grams a lot…thinking about her a lot. Sad about what she’s missing. A lot of friends of mine have lost grandparents recently and it just brings that all back….It’s been nearly 5 years and it still stings at times. We’re all at that age when it becomes not very commonplace to HAVE grandparents still living. Eras ending…all over.

I did a talk at a local Topical Review about photography and ran into a few ladies that knew my Grams…I just really enjoy being around people that knew her and that spent time with her. I like hearing the stories.  And there are just some weeks when I miss her so much it physically aches. It always sneaks up on me….

– As for the Topical Review, I REALLY enjoyed it. I love talking photography, I love educating people about what I do. It’s  just FUN. It’s the second kind of thing like that I’ve done and I hope to do more in the future.

– As for teach-y things, I’ve been tapped to teach a class in Madison in April called “So You’ve Been Asked to Shoot a Wedding”. Basically, it’s a class designed for folks who are not wedding photographers that, for one reason or another, will be shooting a wedding. Jokingly I said it would be a pretty short class. “Hello, welcome to class. So….you’ve been asked to shoot a wedding? Here’s my answer: Don’t! Back away! Go second shoot for a year!”
Buuuut…you know…different strokes for different folks. So, I’m being a helper. It’s basically going to be : how not to screw it up royally. Simple lighting, simple gear info, simple organizational skills….and a few horror stories maybe. You know, to scare folks straight. Should be a hoot! (Class is April 20th at the Center for Photography in Madison…..more info soon!)

– I decided to do a bit of Facebook friend pruning this week. I have the business page, which is good for everyone to read and keep up with Type A Goings-on. I wanted to keep my personal page a bit more….personal. Keep it to photographers I know (because it’s a lot of photography talk) and people I know and are friends with personally.Some business contacts. Ya know. Pruned.  So, if you end up being pruned please don’t take it personally (please! It’s just Facebook! Perspective!). Just hop on over to www.facebook.com/typeaimages and follow along there : )

– I was back on the prowl for assistants for 2013 (I think the job has been pretty much filled at this point, though). Just a little tip for those job hunting out there. Complete sentences with job inquiries are awesome. Even better? Ditching the “text speak”. High schools are teaching resume building, are they not? Right? Give me some hope for our future. Please.

– Mr. Zack Arias KIND of returned to the land of the internets mid-hiatus (sort of) to drop a guest blog post again on Scott Kelby’s site. All about signal…and noise. There’s a WHOLE lotta noise out there. Distractions. Competition. Our own self-doubt. 1000’s upon 1000’s of “photographers” jostling for position on the internets. Top 10 lists. How-to seminars. Get rich quick and I’ll show you how. Camera straps with lace. Stolen photographs. Evangelical photographers twirling on beaches. Noise. Noise. NOISE. And we create our own noise sometimes (Lord knows I do!). Less noise. More Signal. No joke, Mr. Arias.

There’s a reason Zack is where he is, and it’s because he’s a truth teller. There’s no posing. No bull. He’s just HIM….and I think that’s what draws people to him. It’s a great guest blog post. Check it out here: http://scottkelby.com/2013/its-guest-blog-wednesday-featuring-zack-arias-2/

And his idea about getting a mannequin? Um….duh! Why the hell don’t I think of these things?

– Getting the hair chopped again this Saturday….AND my make-up gal Stephanie is going to (DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN) do MY makeup. Scary thought. I am sucktastic at applying makeup. It’s never been a skill I remotely possess. So, hopefully I’ll learn something.

– This week? REPRIEVE! I need a break so badly and finally….FINALLY…I’m getting a whole weekend off. Getting the hair did….going to breakfast with a friend…hitting up a studio equipment sale…but RELAXING.  Next week I have a commercial shoot (new thing for me but pretty jazzed that they are coming along) and then….a rest. I’ve been working non-stop since before Christmas, I’m ready for a breather!

– WEDDINGS! – I’m taking about 5 more weddings for 2013 before I close down bookings, so if you’re a 2013 bride/groom contact me sooner rather than later to get your date in.

2014 folks are starting to trickle in now…here and there….

– SENIORS! I’ll be making my Senior Rep choices at the end of January and scheduling your studio sessions. I’m hoping to make this an incredible year for seniors. Still kicking around the idea of Prom Mini’s again (I’m thinking of taking them on-location somewhere..with a mobile studio..someone needs to tell me when Beloit’s proms are, though! Anyone?)

– HEADSHOTS/CORPORATE/COMMERCIAL-  This seems to be what I’m up to as of late. Lots of headshots. Working hard with projects I can’t yet reveal because they haven’t been published yet. And I’m REALLY loving it. It’s something new. Something exciting. New directions for Type A that I’m really jazzed about.

This week I didn’t take too much in the way of pictures of the rugrats. It’s been an insanely busy week. We did have a surprise party for my father in law (a very young and vibrant 60!) so, here’s some shots from that:

2013-01-17_0001 2013-01-17_0002 2013-01-17_0003 2013-01-17_0004 2013-01-17_0005

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