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Creepy Kids 2012 ~ Zombie Clown Kids ~ Wisconsin Photographer


Last year I decided to start taking on personal projects —shooting just for fun, just shooting what I wanted to shoot, trying new stuff. —  and I really happened upon some fun shoots, including Creepy Kids and Ginger Nation.

Since it’s inception, I’ve be “pinteresting” (shudder.) kids dressed as clowns. Not just cute, cuddly clowns. More disheveled, dirty, evil clowns. This idea intrigued me….I wanted to slap some clown makeup on a kid and see what transpired.

I’m fortunate that I have willing Facebook friends.

With the help of Stephanie Johnson wielding the clown makeup and her daughter Carter Lily plus my little creepy muse Natalie, I was able to realize a little dream. : )

For any photographer, personal work is an ABSOLUTE must, I think. It’s how you grow. Now, I am no composite expert. FARRRR from it. I’m a composite newborn, these included here are only my 4th, 5th or so composites EVER. So….perfection has not been reached. But, it’s allowing me to flex my composite muscles a bit and learn a little along the way.

Hope you enjoy the results!






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