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Who: Kristi + Ali

Where: Over the Vines  Edgerton, WI

2015-08-02_0001 2015-08-02_0002 2015-08-02_0003 2015-08-02_0004 2015-08-02_0005 2015-08-02_0006 2015-08-02_0007 2015-08-02_0008 2015-08-02_0009 2015-08-02_0010 2015-08-02_0011 2015-08-02_0012 2015-08-02_0013 2015-08-02_0014 2015-08-02_0015 2015-08-02_0016 2015-08-02_0017 2015-08-02_0018 2015-08-02_0019 2015-08-02_0020 2015-08-02_0021 2015-08-02_0022 2015-08-02_0023 2015-08-02_0024 2015-08-02_0025 2015-08-02_0026 2015-08-02_0027 2015-08-02_0028 2015-08-02_0029 2015-08-02_0030 2015-08-02_0031 2015-08-02_0032 2015-08-02_0033 2015-08-02_0034 2015-08-02_0035 2015-08-02_0036 2015-08-02_0037 2015-08-02_0038 2015-08-02_0039 2015-08-02_0040 2015-08-02_0041 2015-08-02_0042 2015-08-02_0043 2015-08-02_0044 2015-08-02_0045

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Who: Laura ~ Wayland Academy 

Where: Private Home & Lodi Hiking Trails

2015-07-30_0001 2015-07-30_0002 2015-07-30_0003 2015-07-30_0004 2015-07-30_0005

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Fractured Thoughts

- Summer is chugging along at an intense speed and lately I hardly feel like I’ve gotten anything done before the sun goes down and it’s time for bed. Such is summer, I suppose. Busy season….kids going here and there…..is school starting yet?

– Pretty much this WHOLE month (well, actually the last 2 months) have been all about Crossfit and getting in shape. I’ve decided enough screwing around, I was tired of being over what I consider to be an acceptable weight (for me). I was tired of feeling out of shape and not being able to run longer distances than the end of my driveway.

I know people have their poo-poo notions of Crossfit. It’s a love/hate situation. Some say it’s dangerous (and I say to that anything is if you’re not doing it properly and have crap trainers…or no trainers at all) and some say it’s chock full of “roided up bros” who toss weights around like gorillas. Also not true. The “box” I have been going to is VERY supportive, and like anything…..it’s not all one in the same. I really really like it and I can see and feel the changes it’s making in my body and my stamina.

I even registered for my first 5K. Insanity.

– 4th of July was pretty great. Spent time with both sides of the family and watched the fireworks from our regular spot down by the high school.

– Also did some home decorating this month. Got HALF of our new sectional (the store screwed up the order, the other half should be here next month). Re-did Jon’s “record room” into more of a sitting room/library. Moved the records downstairs into a “man cave/gym” area. I’m starting to actually LIKE our house!

– Tin Dog Records re-opened with it’s new owners. I’m SO GLAD someone took it over so it didn’t die. Even though it was hard to let it go, I’m glad to see it’s being cared for.

– Took Betty to Old World Wisconsin for our 2nd annual visit. I love that place so much. Met some of the teenage interns that were working there as costumed docents for the summer. How did I NOT know that was a summer job for a teenager!?!? I would have ROCKED at that!

– Got our family pictures back! It’s the first time I’ve had professionally printed family images hung in my living room. I know. Bad bad me.

– Willowick (the new assisted living facility that I will be directing) is moving right along. I got my business cards and a t-shirt, they have broken ground on the building and it’s all becoming VERY real that things are going to change monumentally in a few months. I have to say, it was quite surreal to see: Amanda Reseburg, Director on that card.

With that being said, I am not “quitting” Type A….I’m just going very part time. Lots of folks have reached out to say “Why are you quitting?” etc.  That’s not accurate. In the 7+ years I’ve run Type A it has ALWAYS been a full time venture….whether I wanted it to be or not. I had to run it that way because I had to make a full time income.

The photography landscape has really changed in the past few years. Even since I’ve started. There are over 400+ “photographers” just in the Dane County area. Probably more in Milwaukee County…..People like to say “there’s room for everyone” but that’s being kind of foolish and ignoring the basic principles of “supply and demand”. The demand is diminishing as the supply increases. That’s just not a good sign for the future of full-time photography work. I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom, I just need to look at it realistically….for my family and for myself. I love photography as an art form. I love creating for people. But I also love making a really good living. So, for me, going part time and only taking the jobs I really want to do and moving on to my career passion: caring for the elderly, makes sense.

So, I will still be taking on aprox. 10 weddings a year (I already have 7 for 2016 so….there’s that) and a handful of portrait sessions, including Seniors. I will still be doing Hospice Sessions.  I will no longer be taking on corporate headshots (after December) or any sort of commercial work of that nature. I simply won’t have the time.

But, Type A is not disappearing….not at all! : )

– Hosted my 2nd Focus Shop Workshop and it went really well. I’ll be having another in September and August 16th is the lighting workshop. We’re going to talk about ALL things light so if that’s something you’re wanting to add to your work, this is a great workshop to jump on.

Sign up for the LIGHTBULB MOMENTS WORKSHOP here: http://mkt.com/type-a-images/lightbulb-moments-workshop

– THE CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE! Yes, I’m yelling. Because this is important. I have this sale every year so people can save a bit on their portrait sessions if they choose to plan ahead. I love planners : )   This is the LAST Christmas in July Sale I’m going to have, and the folks that take advantage of this sale may be some of the only portrait sessions I take on this year as I settle into my new position, so you have until THIS FRIDAY to jump on the sale and reserve this price ($250 for a digital session. This is a huge discount). You can use the session anytime before next June 30th.

Purchase your sale session here: http://mkt.com/type-a-images/christmas-in-july-sale-session

- Betty turns EIGHT on Friday. EIGHT. That’s nuts. I can’t believe I’ll have an eight year old. We’re having her party on Sunday. Bouncy house, princess cake, friends, pool, fun. Good stuff.

– My friend Andrea has promised to go shopping with me for new work clothes. I’m hopeless. I realized this when I paid a visit to my old stomping grounds, Mayfair Mall, a few weeks ago and instead of being inspired or excited by Ann Taylor Loft or White House/Black Market I was terrified and appalled by $300 suits and impossible-to-squeeze into skinny pants. I’m a mess. I need an intervention.

– This month is looking just as insane as the last month. I’m working on running endurance for the 5K, weddings all over Wisconsin including Edgerton, Boerner Botanical, Milwaukee, and St. Germain. Crossfit Crossfit and more Crossfit. I’m excited about where things are heading.

2015-07-28_0001 4th of July Fun! 2015-07-28_0002 My little niece Myka, fueling my baby fever quite well 2015-07-28_0003 2015-07-28_0004 2015-07-28_0005 Balancing Baby…..2015-07-28_0006 Old World Wisconsin Nerdiness2015-07-28_0007 2015-07-28_0008 Kool Aid Drinkin’ Shoes2015-07-28_0009 The new room (color is Behr’s NYPD) 2015-07-28_0010GETTIN. REAL.

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Who: Adam ~ Class of 2016 ~ Beloit Memorial High School 

Where: Macktown Forest Preserve

2015-07-27_0001 2015-07-27_0002 2015-07-27_0003 2015-07-27_0004 2015-07-27_0005

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Who: Kaitlin + Brian

Where: Klehm Arboretum Rockford, IL


2015-07-25_0002 2015-07-25_0004 2015-07-25_0005 2015-07-25_0006 2015-07-25_0007 2015-07-25_0008 2015-07-25_0009 2015-07-25_0010 2015-07-25_0011 2015-07-25_0012 2015-07-25_0013 2015-07-25_0014 2015-07-25_0015 2015-07-25_0016 2015-07-25_0017

2015-07-25_0021 2015-07-25_0018 2015-07-25_0019 2015-07-25_00202015-07-25_0023 2015-07-25_0022 2015-07-25_0024 2015-07-25_0025 2015-07-25_0026 2015-07-25_0027 2015-07-25_0028 2015-07-25_0029 2015-07-25_0030 2015-07-25_0031 2015-07-25_0032 2015-07-25_0033 2015-07-25_0034 2015-07-25_0035 2015-07-25_0036 2015-07-25_0037 2015-07-25_0038 2015-07-25_0039 2015-07-25_0040 2015-07-25_0041 2015-07-25_0042 2015-07-25_0044

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