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Fractured Thoughts

- I actually considered (for a moment) not doing these anymore. For a variety of reasons. Mostly because I’m trying to say “no” more. I’m trying to lighten the load.

But then I went back and read some FFT’s from years ago, and realized if I didn’t do these, I wouldn’t have such an insight into the “have beens” and the “where I wanted to be’s”

So, it goes on….even if it’s a few days late.

– I’m finding myself being awful reflective this week. Maybe it was the time spent out of Beloit and by my lonesome up north. Gave me some time to think.

I’ve been VERY stressed lately. More than normal. Running two businesses will do that to ya. Unruly children will do that to ya. Lack of sleep, upcoming surgeries and big trips. Pile it on, World….seriously.

All I kept repeating to myself was “something has to give”….and I realized that some of the things that were renting space in my head: negative interactions…lack of perspective on the “big picture”…pointless nonsense….were no longer worth my time. I’ve lost patience for needless drama.

I started by saying “No” and I’m growing to saying “No more”. No is hard for me. I’m a people pleaser….but sometimes I just have no more to give. I am a workaholic. Yes. But that doesn’t mean I can’t just say “stop” every once in awhile.

– Wrote out all the in’s and out’s of my NYC trip this week. I CANNOT WAIT. I’m seriously counting down the days. I’ve come to realize that I’m pretty comfortable as an introvert in many cases….so 4 days in the big city with just myself sounds like heaven, honestly.

I’ve got my tickets for the 9/11 museum and I’ll be visiting several record stores as well (Rough Trade is high on the list).

– Another shooting in Beloit this past weekend. I don’t even want to ADDRESS this crap anymore. I just feel, good intentions aside, all the peace rallies and concerts and after-school clubs in the world are not going to help the prevalence of stupid that is infecting some of our younger generation. I just shake my head and think what is WRONG with people?

Have you seen Idiocracy? I feel like this movie is becoming more of a documentary day by day.

It’s my city. I live here, work here, own businesses here, raise my kids here. If you can’t get your collective shit together (excuse the language, but DUDE) then move elsewhere. People are trying to thrive.

Just know, if you are on the outside looking in, that the actions of a few nitwits doesn’t DEFINE our city as a whole. We are a city of entrepreneurs, success makers, artists, strong families….much like any other city. The actions of a few can tarnish the successes of many, but I plead with folks not to allow that. Just get out there and do your thing.


– On to more positive topics: TATTOO TIME. It’s nearly here, I’m pretty jazzed! Even with the impending pain, I’m sure it’s going to turn out fabulously.

– I ate terribly this weekend away.

Fast food, soda, junk….it’s showing. ¬†Sigh….again, something’s gotta give.

– Was slightly happier with this week’s Doctor Who. Husband still feels his Scottish accent is too strong and can barely understand him. I wish I could figure out the direction they’re trying to take….but I need to be patient.

– This week? All over the MAP….off to Milwaukee tomorrow to meet with a couple and shoot a mini-session for them. Seniors, heading off to see Les Miserables with my mother-in-law (CAN’T WAIT GONNA BE AWESOMESAUCE!!!!)….another wedding to cap of the week.

– Took the girls to the pumpkin patch today. We needed to do something as a family, as it’s just been go go go Reseburgs all month.

So, I actually took some pictures of them with the big girl camera. Surprise surprise!

2014-09-29_0001 2014-09-29_0002 2014-09-29_0003 2014-09-29_0004 2014-09-29_0005 2014-09-29_0006 2014-09-29_0007 2014-09-29_0008

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Who: The Sossamans

Where: Private Family Home

2014-09-28_00632014-09-28_0060 2014-09-28_00622014-09-28_0061 2014-09-28_0064 2014-09-28_0065

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Who: Sara + Mike

Where: Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin   Appleton, WI

2014-09-28_0001 2014-09-28_0002 2014-09-28_0003 2014-09-28_0004 2014-09-28_00052014-09-28_0007 2014-09-28_0008 2014-09-28_0009 2014-09-28_00102014-09-28_0011 2014-09-28_0012 2014-09-28_0013 2014-09-28_0014 2014-09-28_0015 2014-09-28_0016 2014-09-28_0017 2014-09-28_00182014-09-28_00192014-09-28_0020 2014-09-28_00212014-09-28_00222014-09-28_00232014-09-28_0024 2014-09-28_0025 2014-09-28_0026 2014-09-28_00272014-09-28_0028 2014-09-28_00292014-09-28_00302014-09-28_00312014-09-28_00322014-09-28_0033 2014-09-28_0034 2014-09-28_00352014-09-28_0036 2014-09-28_0037 2014-09-28_00382014-09-28_0039 2014-09-28_00402014-09-28_0041 2014-09-28_0043 2014-09-28_0044 2014-09-28_00452014-09-28_00462014-09-28_0047 2014-09-28_0048 2014-09-28_00492014-09-28_00502014-09-28_0051 2014-09-28_0052 2014-09-28_00532014-09-28_0054 2014-09-28_0055 2014-09-28_0056 2014-09-28_0057 2014-09-28_0058 2014-09-28_0059 2014-09-28_0042

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Who: Logan ~ Class of 2015 ~ Beloit Memorial High School

Where: Type A Studio

2014-09-25_0001 2014-09-25_0002 2014-09-25_0003 2014-09-25_0004

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Who: Andres ~ Class of 2015 ~ Beloit Memorial High School

Where: Type A Studio

2014-09-21_0044 2014-09-21_0045 2014-09-21_0046 2014-09-21_0047

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