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Who: Rebecca ~ Class of 2016 ~ Beloit Turner High School 

Where: Rotary Gardens Janesville, WI

2015-07-05_0001 2015-07-05_0002 2015-07-05_0003 2015-07-05_0004 2015-07-05_0005

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Who: Becky + Extended Family 

Where: Private Home  Helenville, WI

2015-07-03_0001 2015-07-03_0002 2015-07-03_0003 2015-07-03_0004 2015-07-03_0005

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Fractured Thoughts

- Got a reminder the other day that I’ve been royally sucking at the posting of my FT posts. So here goes.  Lots of ground to cover!

– Betty got to experience her first dance recital. She knocked it out of the park, naturally. Not sure we’ll do dancing again next year, I think theater may be more her speed.

– Mary Ellen Mark passed away. She has been one of my all-time favorite photographers. I never did get a chance to take one of her workshops, which I’m sure were incredible. Sad
: (

– We made a giant leap for equality in the last few weeks with Gay Marriage being legalized nationwide. This has made my heart very happy. Love is love, and always should be.

– Our last day as Tin Dog Records owners came on June 6th. It was bittersweet, really. I loved that store….but I love my family more, and I am really relishing the free time it’s given me (though learning not to WORK during all that free time is really really hard for me)

– So, in the meantime, I’ve filled in the empty space with Crossfit. I never pegged myself as a “Crossfitter”. It always seemed on the crazy side of working out. My good friend Miss Andrea (of A-Team Fame) is a Crossfitter and I finally joined her “box” (that CF talk for gym). I’ve done 10 visits so far and I’m not sure if I’m delusional but my pants already fit a little better and I swear I’m starting to see a bit of definition in my spindly little spider arms. Not to mention, it’s fun (in a sick, sadistic sort of way). I LOVE that the workout is different every day and that the atmosphere is really supportive. I’m hoping to get rid of the “Tin Dog 15″ by the end of summer.

– Had our own family portraits taken by Abbots Lane Photography  in June. From the sneak peeks I’ve seen they are adorable! Betty got to take home a little souvenir in the form of her first tick. That was a fun experience extracting that from her head. Gross.

– We decided to splurge and get Great America season tickets, so we’ve already visited twice (today makes 3 times for Jon and Betty). It’s warm up for Disney in October. We figured if Betty could conquer the Viper or American Eagle, the Disney rides will be a snap.

– Finished up my Social Work Policy class….that it turns out I didn’t even need on account of the new job…..but I’m a finisher….I don’t like to see things half-done. So, I finished. The fact that the instructor let us do the final open book/open note/open commentary (at the last minute)  was a little…..annoying. Who does that? In a college level course? Not cool. I don’t know why I even bothered to study. But, whatever…..it’s done now…..$1000 kinda down the drain. Meh. Live and learn.

–  Took a little furlough to Minnesota to shoot a wedding. Anyone else REALLY love having a hotel room to themselves for a night? Yeah…me too : ) Makes me REALLY excited for the Arizona wedding I have set up this winter. A few days in the Arizona sunshine mid-polar vortex? Yes please.

– Spent most of June making my own “Assisted Living Management” workbook.

Because I am that sort of dork.

– We FINALLY purchased a new couch (if you’ve been witness to the couch we’ve been using for the past 5 years, you’ll know why this is big news). It’s a GINORMOUS sectional. Custom built. We haven’t gotten it yet but I know I’m gonna love it!

– I’m saving my pennies for a “new job wardrobe re-do” shopping trip at the end of summer. Hoping all this Crossfit will make for a few sizes downgrade. Also hoping friends will help me not buy all black clothing for the new position. Because the last thing an Assisted Living facility needs is a Director that looks like Morticia Addams. Maybe it’s time to break out of my “black clothes are slimming and protective” vibe.

– I MET JIM ADKINS. This was a huge huge huge deal. Jim Adkins is the lead singer of the band Jimmy Eat World. Also #3 on my “People I’m allowed to Ooogle in front of my husband” (after David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch). Also very high on my bucket list of “Must Meet People”.

So yeah, to say I was a little excited is the hugest of understatements. I was legit freaking out. My poor husband. He’s not a “meet your heroes” type. I am. OH I am.

And I met him. And he wished me a happy birthday. A little of his sweat got on my shirt.


– I turned 35. That’s a bit close to 40 for my tastes, but it is what it is. Had a pretty okay birthday. Flowers from the hubby, went to Culvers for ice cream with the kids. Stayed up late with popcorn and Law and Order and Amazon shopping cart filling. Good stuff. I’m easy to please.

OK, and now for some BUSINESS STUFF! 

– As a reminder (if you don’t regularly read the blog)….I got me a new job! I am the new Director for a brand new Assisted Living facility currently being built in Clinton, WI. That being said, I am not “quitting” photography (as most people have surmised, I think). I’m cutting wayyyyyyyyy back. But, I will continue to take a limited amount of weddings a year. I have already booked 5 weddings for 2016 and I am only looking to take on 9-10 at the absolute MAXIMUM, so if you are getting married in 2016, now is the time to chat!

– As for portrait sessions, I am currently running my LAST Christmas in July Sale. This is the 7th year for it. This gets you a digital photography session for $250 (HUGE savings!) that can be used anytime before June 30, 2016. These portrait sessions purchased this month during this sale will be the only sessions I take on this year as I get acclimated to my new position. So, if you want a Type A session this year (family, kids, Seniors, what have you) you must jump on this sale or wait until next summer to schedule.

Purchase a sale session here: https://squareup.com/market/type-a-images/christmas-in-july-sale-session


I am hosting 3 workshops this year. Two are the “Focus Shop Beginner” workshops, designed to help folks learn how to use their DSLR cameras and improve their photography. The other is a Lighting Workshop for photographers hoping to introduce studio and on-location lighting to their work. There are limited spots available for all three.  Breakfast and lunch are provided!

Sign up for the workshops here:

JULY 26 – FOCUS SHOP BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP : https://squareup.com/market/type-a-images/focus-workshop




Yes, I am still offering Hospice Photography Sessions! If you are interested in a FREE Hospice Photography sitting, please speak to your Beloit Regional Hospice provider.

And now, some pics…..  : )

2015-07-02_0001 Great America Regulars now….Season Pass FTW! 2015-07-02_0002 Lunch with Natasha (new Exec. Director of Beloit Regional Hospice) and Sherrie (super-nicest-lady in the whole wide world….and Volunteer Coordinator for BRH)2015-07-02_0003 Sneaker Peaker of our family pictures from Josh @ Abbots Lane….cannot WAIT to see the whole collection!!!! 2015-07-02_0004 JIM. ADKINS. I’m still kind of freaking out and it’s been 4 days. He’s dreamier in person. 2015-07-02_0005 Dance-in’ Machine.2015-07-02_0006 Last day of school giddies. 2015-07-02_0007Impromptu shoot with Molly. Lasted about 5 minutes. She’s impossible.


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Who: The Hajewski/Wickland Family

Where: Private Farm

2015-06-28_0027 2015-06-28_0028 2015-06-28_0029 2015-06-28_0030 2015-06-28_0031 2015-06-28_0032

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Who: Jessica + Joseph

Where: The Grove ~ The Redfield Estate ~ Glenview, IL

2015-06-28_0001 2015-06-28_0002 2015-06-28_0003 2015-06-28_0004 2015-06-28_0005 2015-06-28_0006 2015-06-28_0007 2015-06-28_0008 2015-06-28_0009 2015-06-28_0010 2015-06-28_0011 2015-06-28_0012 2015-06-28_0013 2015-06-28_0014 2015-06-28_0015 2015-06-28_0016 2015-06-28_0017 2015-06-28_0018 2015-06-28_0019 2015-06-28_0020 2015-06-28_0021 2015-06-28_0022 2015-06-28_0023 2015-06-28_0024 2015-06-28_0025 2015-06-28_0026Ceremony and Reception: The Redfield Estate

Florist: Sunflower Gallery

Cake: Oak Mill Bakery

Special thanks to assistant Maisie Lewis!

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