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Who: Emily + Alex

Where: Harley Museum + Milwaukee Solvay Coke Plant Ruins

2015-10-05_00012015-10-05_0002 2015-10-05_0003 2015-10-05_0004 2015-10-05_0005 2015-10-05_0007

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Who: The Hein Family

Where: 7 Bridges ~ South Milwaukee, WI

2015-10-02_0001 2015-10-02_0002 2015-10-02_0003 2015-10-02_0004

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Who: Noah ~ Class of 2016 ~ Beloit Memorial High School 

Where: Downtown Beloit

2015-10-01_0001 2015-10-01_0002 2015-10-01_0003 2015-10-01_0004

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Fractured Thoughts

It’s been AGES….but I had good reason. Really had a lot going on with the new job/old job bouncing…it’s fall, which is insanity for photographers (changing leaves cause mass hysteria) AND we had the new baby news which I didn’t want to reveal quite yet!

– So yeah! New baby and all that. Surprise surprise! Just when you get both kids in school and think you’re “free”….hey, why not start all over again.

It’s entirely possible we are mental. But who doesn’t love a new baby! : ) Now…..to convince my husband to let me name him Francis or Gilbert. : ) (assuming it’s of the male variety)

– So prior to getting knocked up, I was still all about going to Crossfit….and even managed to do a 70lb backsquat (which sounds incredibly wussy I’m sure, but I’m a newb!).
Unfortunately with my insane schedule and the new peanut on the way, I’ve decided to take a CF hiatus, but I’ll be back at it once this potato pops out in April.

– We celebrated Betty turning 8 with a nice party. Many ponies were had.

– I hit my goal weight….the week I found out I was pregnant. Figures.

– I’ve been workin’ workin’ at the new job. It’s been a challenge, for sure, straddling the two worlds: self-employment and new regular employment. But, I’m really excited for what is to come. When you find what  you feel you’re “supposed” to be doing with your life, it just feels great. I will always take pictures…..but I’m answering my calling.

– Molly….my baby Molly….started pre-school. At OLA. Which means I had to buy her uniform-type stuff. Which is so adorable I can’t even stand it. Makes me want to send my kids to Catholic school forever simply because of the jumpers.

– Had a moment of insanity there where we seriously considered selling our house and buying a farmette.

Then realized we don’t know the first thing about farmette-ing. Yeah. Momentary lapse of reason.

– Betty started 3rd Grade with the same teacher I had in 3rd Grade, which is all kinds of awesome.

– Molly started taking the bus and it’s the cutest thing on Earth because she’s still too short to actually climb up the bus stairs.

– We planned out our Halloween costumes for Disney. We’ll be attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and costumes are highly recommended. I’m going as Mad Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone, Jon is going as Bermuda Merlin from the same movie, Molly is going to be Sleeping Beauty, Betty is Fawn the Fairy (from some Tinkerbelle Neverbeast movie), and Jan is going as Minnie Mouse. I should be nice and puffy and pudgy by that time, so I’ll be able to pull of Madam Mim pretty well.

– The Pope visited America and everyone lost their minds.


Again, I am not quitting. There are rumors flying, but nope. Not quitting photography. Just getting highly selective.

That being said, I can probably only take on 1-2 more weddings for 2016. Next year booked up pretty quickly and with the new baby coming AND new job, I don’t want to go insane.

I will be concentrating on weddings and seniors in 2016. Any family sessions I do will have already purchased a Christmas in July session this past year. I will not be taking on any new family sessions or any new corporate sessions. Those will be referred out. Senior sessions will be very limited and seniors will have to schedule earlier than before to make sure they reserve a spot. The likelihood of being able to accommodate late comers will be pretty slim.   I will probably take 10-15 at the most, as opposed to my normal 30-50. I will not be doing Senior Reps in 2016. Just normal seniors. My Reps did such a fabulous job this year and last that the word is out, trust me!

– I am teaching a JPAC Master Class on October 10th and 11th. These classes are SUPER affordable and each day is identical, so you can choose either one. These are for beginner photographers. Make sure you sign up with JPAC here: https://itkt.choicecrm.net/templates/JANE/

- Also I am hosting my OWN beginners workshop on November 14th. This will be my FINAL workshop (probably EVAH!) so make sure you jump on it. You can sign on for that here (It says September….ignore that. It’s November. I promise): http://mkt.com/type-a-images/focus-workshop-september

- I WILL be having a Cyber Monday sale this year, slightly modified. BRIDES AND GROOMS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN ALBUMS….this will be your jam.


– My schedule is a bit daunting right now…..

Focus meetings for Willowick this week….Seniors…Family session…2nd shooting for the A-Team….and I’m SUPPOSED to run a 5K next weekend. We’ll see about that. I’m already gaining some baby pudge and I feel about as quick and nimble as a slug.

– I start my Administrator Courses in 2 weeks. 66 hours of training. I’m actually REALLY looking forward to it….because geek.

– Also, the Rock County Senior Expo is October 23rd. I’ll so be there, with bells on : )

Here’s some photos from the last 2 months! Enjoy! I’ll try not to make the Fractured Thoughts so infrequent from here on out!

We had a joint birthday party/welcome home party for Jason and Katie in August. 
2015-09-28_0001 2015-09-28_0002 2015-09-28_0003 2015-09-28_0004 Betty’s “Back to School” Pictures2015-09-28_0005 2015-09-28_0006 My dad and my niece Myka. 2015-09-28_0007 2015-09-28_0008 2015-09-28_0009 2015-09-28_0010 2015-09-28_0011 Up above….Molly realizing she actually HAS to go to school….and Nevin holding her hand so she’s not scared. 2015-09-28_0012 NEW BABY!2015-09-28_0013NEW OFFICE!

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Who: Jeanine + Eric

Where: Madison Capitol + Madison Children’s Museum

2015-09-27_0001 2015-09-27_0002 2015-09-27_0003 2015-09-27_0004 2015-09-27_0005 2015-09-27_0006 2015-09-27_0007 2015-09-27_0008 2015-09-27_0009 2015-09-27_0010 2015-09-27_0011 2015-09-27_0012 2015-09-27_0013 2015-09-27_0014 2015-09-27_0015 2015-09-27_0016 2015-09-27_0017 2015-09-27_0018 2015-09-27_0019 2015-09-27_0020 2015-09-27_0021 2015-09-27_0022 2015-09-27_0023 2015-09-27_0024 2015-09-27_0025 2015-09-27_0026 2015-09-27_0027 2015-09-27_0028 2015-09-27_0029 2015-09-27_0030 2015-09-27_0031 2015-09-27_0032 2015-09-27_0033 2015-09-27_0034 2015-09-27_0035 2015-09-27_0036 2015-09-27_0037 2015-09-27_0038 2015-09-27_0039 2015-09-27_0040 2015-09-27_0041 2015-09-27_0042 2015-09-27_0043 2015-09-27_0044 2015-09-27_0045 2015-09-27_0046 2015-09-27_0047 2015-09-27_0048 2015-09-27_0049 2015-09-27_0050 2015-09-27_0051 2015-09-27_0052 2015-09-27_0053 2015-09-27_0054 2015-09-27_0055 2015-09-27_0056 2015-09-27_0057 2015-09-27_0058 2015-09-27_0059 2015-09-27_0060

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