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- We made a buttload of progress on the store this week. Yes, a buttload. That’s a lot. We’re set to open in about a week and a half….fingers crossed!!!! EEK! I’m gonna own 2 downtown businesses. I must be crazy.

- Paid for my surgery for November this week as well. That was a scary check to write, but I have no qualms about getting it done. I’ve been wanting to get my nose fixed since I was about 12. It’s time.

- Another body-altering appointment was also made this week. I’m getting myself a 1/2 sleeve tattoo. I’ve always been intrigued by tattoos (I have four currently) and always thought a well done sleeve or half sleeve was something to be marveled at….not only for the artistic attributes but the confidence of the wear-er.

I always shied away from very visible tattoos because I thought I was too old, too “corporate”, too….something. Boring? I dunno. I was also afraid of getting a bad artist and having the work look “trashy” (because there’s definitely a difference!)  My husband tried to convince me that despite my arguments to the contrary, I do actually work in the arts….and now I own a record store. I can get a visible tattoo and not really worry too much about losing job prospects.

So, here’s what I chose. Be prepared, you’re entering MAJOR nerd territory here.

I found this watercolor painting of Anne of Green Gables looking out a window. I loved the look of the painting (and the subject matter, of course). But, I also wanted a bit of “whimsy” in there….I guess. So, I asked them to add a TARDIS outside of the window….like The Doctor is there to pick up Anne.

NERD. (and proud)

TATTOO1My appointment isn’t until October. My October this year is gonna RAWK! Tattoos and New York! WOOOOT!

- I kind of inched back towards working out this week. I did it twice. Not that great of a start, but its something.  Maybe getting the tattoo will require me to focus on beefing up my spindly little chicken arms.

- In not so great news, our family lost a good friend this week. My dad’s best friend since childhood, Johnny. I remember him coming over to our house quite often when I was a kid. He was my brother’s godfather and a regular part of family events when I was little. I hadn’t seen him for about 12 years, but he will be missed greatly.

- The work I did for a Hospice video was completed this week. I got a little sneaky peek at the video and I love the way the used my hospice work to highlight the words of Barbara Karnes RN. It’s gonna be great!

- The Lyme Disease treatment seems to be going well. Honestly? The medicine is worse than the actual disease. I’ll be glad when I’m done. Now I’m all “tick scared”…..and being out in the woodsy areas is freaking me out more than usual.

- Psssst…..wanna know a secret? THE NEW DOCTOR LANDS TOMORROW!
So….friggin’ PUMPED. Peter Capaldi is gonna kill it. I have a wedding but I have my husband’s WORD that the episode will be set aside for me to watch as soon as I get home.

- WEDDINGS: 2015 folks, if you or someone you know is getting hitched now is a great time to contact me about packages!

- SENIORS: School starts for many of you in about 2 weeks or so (HOLY CRAP!) and that means in no time your headshots will be due and your opportunity for senior portraits will pretty much be passed. (Unless you intend on submitting a bathroom selfie for your headshot. In which case come over here so I can thump you on the head)

If you still need your senior portraits done I have INCREDIBLY limited space in September and October. I will not be taking ANY portrait work in November. So, that means after whatever you have on your agenda today…add calling me to it. Let’s get you scheduled!

- PORTRAITS: Along the same lines as seniors, very very limited spots for portraits this fall. Many of you purchased sale digital sessions for use at a later time, and if you would like to use those this fall I would highly recommend getting your date set. I had a rush on fall bookings this week alone and September is getting close to being booked in full entirely.

The window for fall colors is SUPER tiny some years, so hop to it!

- This week….we are going hard at finishing up the store and getting it ready to open. It’s my last full week before the kiddo heads back to school (insert trumpets of victory here)

The A Team is back in action tomorrow for a wedding and then I have a family session Sunday. Seniors all week, an interview with the Beloit Daily News, a funeral, and then I’ll probably decide I’m gonna nap all next weekend, in between more seniors and hair-cuts for the girls.


Here’s some progress we made on the store!
2014-08-22_0001 Full new release wall and my chalk drawing of our logo on the blackboard wall2014-08-22_0002 2014-08-22_0003 This area will eventually be a cozy listening station 2014-08-22_0004Mock up of the new shared signage. : )


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Who: Jenna ~ Janesville Craig High School ~ Class of 2015

Where: Downtown B-Town

2014-08-19_0001 2014-08-19_00022014-08-19_0003 2014-08-19_0004

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Who: Maisie (Otherwise Known as Maisie: Super Assistant….Carrier of the Battery Purse)

Where: Tiffany Bridge/Sweet Allyn Park

Special Super Big thanks to Katie P. for filling in on Maisie’s lightstand duties!

2014-08-17_0042 2014-08-17_0043 2014-08-17_0044 2014-08-17_0045

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Who: Christine + John

Where: Pabst Best Place Milwaukee, WI

2014-08-17_0001 2014-08-17_0002 2014-08-17_0003 2014-08-17_0004 2014-08-17_00052014-08-17_0008 2014-08-17_0009 2014-08-17_00102014-08-17_0011 2014-08-17_0006 2014-08-17_0007 2014-08-17_0012 2014-08-17_0013 2014-08-17_0014 2014-08-17_0015 2014-08-17_0016 2014-08-17_0017 2014-08-17_00182014-08-17_00202014-08-17_0021 2014-08-17_0022 2014-08-17_0023 2014-08-17_0024 2014-08-17_0025 2014-08-17_00262014-08-17_0027 2014-08-17_0028True Wisconsinites to the core, John and Christine sealed their marriage vows with a beer.

2014-08-17_0029 2014-08-17_0019 2014-08-17_0031 2014-08-17_0030 2014-08-17_00322014-08-17_0033 2014-08-17_0034 2014-08-17_0035 2014-08-17_0036 2014-08-17_0037 2014-08-17_00382014-08-17_0039 2014-08-17_0040 2014-08-17_0041

Big huge ups to Dare to Dream Wedding Planner Jen for being awesome all day and keeping things running AHEAD of schedule most of the day (a very rare phenomenon!) and also big thanks to my assistant Maisie.

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Who: Logan ~ Beloit Memorial High School ~ Class of 2015

Where: Pohlman Field Beloit, WI


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