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Who: The Killeen Family

Where: Milwaukee Public Library

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Fractured Thoughts

It has been a loooong time folks. I know. To say I’ve been “busy” (oh yes…the glorification of busy is back, people)…well, that would be an understatement of epic proportions.

October…well, fall really…is typically pure insanity for photographers. The leaves change and people lose their collective minds. They all want portrait sessions, they all want them the same weekend (peak color time!) and they all want turn around in time for Christmas cards.

Yep. Gotcha.

Then add in…oh yeah, new job and it complicates matters further. We are ramping up to open the Assisted Living facility in about a month and that means a massive marketing push, interviewing potential employees, training, meetings, the whole shebang.

Then there’s that whole “kid and husband” thing.

Yeah….blogging, it fell to the wayside. Big time.

But, I thought I’d take a moment here in between edits and catch ya’ll up. Lots of information contained here in…..here we go!

– The fam decided meh….who cares about busy season…lets go to DISNEY! So we did. And it was good. I’m not one who is big on crowds, so that was a challenge, to say the least. But I think I handled it quite well. No one got kicked out of the Magic Kingdom so I would say it was a success. : )

We spent Halloween there, which was quite interesting. I dressed as Mad Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone. Leave it to us Reseburgs to try to be all obscure.

– I attended all 66 hours of the Administrator Course. I am now a “person who completed the Administrator Course”. Or so says my certificate. : )

FOUND OUT WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL. Yes. That needed bold letters. 3 girls. If the first two are any indication, we are in for an interesting ride.

– We’ve hemmed and hawed over names. I’m one of those ridiculous planners who needs to know the sex…the name…everything. I NEED to know. The husband isn’t as big on the urgency aspect of the whole thing. It’s infuriating. : )

– Attended my first Senior Fair as Director of Willowick. Really enjoyed it. Felt like I was among my people.  : )

– Got a pretty good shock when I attended this year’s Beloit Regional Hospice Dove’s and Diamonds Gala….I got their Spirit of Caring Award for the Kindred Spirits Program! Pretty cool stuff….except for that whole “picture in the paper” thing. BDN likes putting “pudgy Amanda” on the front page. Twice in one year!
Motivation to get back to Crossfit if I ever had one. At least this time I avoided horizontal stripes.

– My November was made considerably more awesome not only by watching Mr. David Tennant in Jessica Jones on Netflix, but discovering that he’s coming to Comic Con in Madison, WI in April.

Potential issue being I am DUE in April….and with tending to go a bit early I may have to miss my chance to meet “My Doctor”….but I’m buying those tickets. If I give birth and David Tennant has to assist me at Wizard World, so be it.

– Miss Betty has her First Reconciliation at church. She made me go first to ease her nervousness. I was none too thrilled to sit down and have to come up with sins on the spot. Talk about pressure. : )

– We got mounds of snow dumped on us. Not quite ready for that all again yet. Why? Why do I live here? I ask myself that every winter. Then I remember living in Southern California and needing seasons and I stop complaining.


Again, not quitting : )

I have been thinking about Type A a lot lately. It’s so my baby. We’ve been buds since 2008 and I’ve built it to a place where even if I never shot another frame, I could be pretty happy and proud with what I accomplished.

I still want to shoot. People have asked me since this past summer when I announced the job change WHY I’m going to a full time “normal” job….a full time job that has nothing to do with photography.

Honestly? It really wasn’t a deeply thought out PLAN. I applied on a whim…I happened to get it….and I realized that everything I did LOVE about photography was, over the years, being side stepped in favor of things like worrying about Facebook likes…..doing work I really didn’t want to do because I HAD to….being a “yes” woman in many cases just to hustle the work. When I did produce something I really loved, I always felt like unless it got enough “likes” maybe it wasn’t good enough. I started to doubt myself….doubt my work….and it’s never a good place to be. I know every creative deals with it. We ALL do. It’s the nature of being privy to what everyone else puts out into the world as well. Comparison. Truly the thief of joy.

I realized last year when I was so willing to throw myself into marketing and running the record store, simply because it WASN’T something everyone else and their mother was trying to make a go at, that I needed some big, sweeping changes.

I love shooting. I love creating. I love that feeling of making someone’s image and just getting giddy because it turned out so well. The problem is, very little in the photography industry is about photography anymore.

I love my job. I can say that honestly and truly. I do love my job. The act of making a picture. The act of delivering a product to a client that I made just for them. I LOVE that.

I don’t love the politics. I don’t love some of the ridiculousness of it all. The “selling the dream” part that is mostly hogwash. I don’t love getting to the point where I was really no longer proud to say what I did for a living. I started just telling people I owned my own business and left it at that.

People can get jaded pretty easily in this industry. There are SO many of us, we pop up like cockroaches, seriously. Every day a new one throws their hat into the ring….a ring so overflowing with hats it can be hard to even keep track of your own sometimes. It’s SO HARD not to get jaded. It really is. This is why I stay close to other photographers that I trust. I know I’m not the only one out there hustling, working hard, and worrying sometimes. We keeps it real. : ) But, I needed to change it before I got jaded. Before it got to me.

I wanted SO BADLY to just get back to making pictures. Forget the rest of it. If people like them …awesome. If they don’t…ok, cool. I was tired of worrying myself silly….it took away from the real purpose of what I do: make. cool. pictures. Nothing else matters.

So….the new job came along and I saw my opportunity. Now, with a regular income not tied to photography, I can go back to taking the jobs I want, making art I can be proud of, and really giving my clients an incredible experience.

So, am I quitting? Nope.

But I am recommitting to, going forward, doing this MY way.

If you wanna come along on that journey and get back to making cool images, simple packages, no muss no fuss….let’s talk : ) I’d love to have ya.

– On the booking end, I have 13 weddings for 2016, which is about where I wanted to be. I may take 1 more but I’ll have to cut it off there. Lord knows I want to be able to breathe next year, especially with New Unnamed Kid #3 coming.

– SENIORS: I love photographing seniors. I feel like this season I really came into my own and found a style that I love. In 2016 I will not be doing Senior Reps but I will be photographing seniors normally. I do encourage you to BOOK EARLY. The earlier the better.

– PORTRAITS: I am really limiting these for next year, but still offering them when I have time. My weekday availability is going to be slim to none, folks, so this is your call to, again, book early!

Now if you WANT to book something for next year AND want to save a bunch  of $$, the Cyber Monday Double Up Sale starts on the 30th!! It runs for 6 days…and you can save a TON. I am opening this up to portrait bookings. So have at it.

Shoot me an email, lets make pictures.

This Month?

Training, interviews, OB appointments (including my 20 week scan!), Molly turns 5, Sessions sessions more sessions, Willowick opens and OMG IT ALL GETS REAL. Christmas, more training, figuring it all out….getting my legs under me……

Holy cannoli.

And in there I will learn to live in my new normal…..I have super high hopes. I landed my dream job. Not many folks can say that. I landed my dream job….and I still get to make pictures on the side. Not many folks can say that either.

I’m a lucky duck.

2015-11-22_0013 2015-11-22_0014 2015-11-22_0015 2015-11-22_0016 Spirit of Caring Award. : ) 2015-11-22_0017 My girls in their Halloween finery.  Can you tell Molly’s been going to Catholic school? LOL2015-11-22_0018 My bean. Can’t believe she’s going to be FIVE. Still the size of most 2 1/2-3 year olds. Oh well. : ) 2015-11-22_0019 2015-11-22_0020 My new office : ) With walls : ) New beginnings….new roads….can’t wait to start the ride!2015-11-22_0021

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Who: Ben ~ Boylan Catholic High School ~ Class of 2016

Where: Type A Studio

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Who: Dawson, Dylan, and Delaney 

Where: Type A Studio

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Who: Oliver, Henry, and Frank (but I’m gonna go ahead and call him Frankie) 

Where: Type A Studio

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