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Who: Rebecca ~ Class of 2016 ~ Beloit Turner High School

Where: Type A Studio 

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The Focus Shop is now HALF FULL! I will be taking seat reservations for this fun-filled day of photography instruction until April 18th! At that point it’ll be closed.

What will be covered at The Focus Shop?

– Shooting on Manual
– Exposure
– Finding and Using light
– Composition
– Getting great, natural shots

The Workshop runs from 10AM to (aprox.) 7 pm on Sunday April 26th

Breakfast and Lunch is provided, along with a follow-along workbook that you can take notes in and take home for practice! Models will be provided for a fun, on-location “shootout” with review of your images afterwards.

You want to get in on this. The $150 price is a special introductory Workshop price that is only available to the First Workshop Participants!




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Who: Kelsie ~ Beloit Memorial High School 

Where: Hanchett Bartlett Museum  Beloit, WI

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Who: Miss Audrey and her Daughter, Granddaughters, and Great-Granddaughter & The Black Family

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Documentary, Fractured Thoughts

- This week, a baby wrapped in an American Flag dang-near broke the internet. Really I think it was a whole lotta pearl-clutching over NOTHING. Seriously, I’ve seen MUCH worst, trust me. As long as the BABY was safe, it’s all good. When people are shoving babies in glass jars and God knows what else….an American Flag doesn’t bother me too much.

– They released the trailer for the Kurt Cobain bio “Montage of Heck”. And I’m so excited I can BARELY contain myself. I intend on indulging in all my 14-year-old angsty bliss that evening. It’s going to be awesome.

– Spent this week helping Betty with her 2nd Grade speech contest submission. She decided (ok, I helped) to do her speech about Grandma Betty.

Want to know the quickest way to find out if you’re a massive control freak or not?

Help a 7 year old with a speech.

– Had a LOOONG overdue ladies night with my fellow photographer gals. Realized 3 glasses of wine is most definitely my limit if I wish to avoid headaches and overall cruddy feelings the next day :)  I have to admit….I’m no spring chicken anymore.

Some dude at the record store asked me this week if I was in my 50’s. Granted, I think my knowledge of pre-1970’s music contributed to this…..but cmon, dude!

– The weather this week was pretty stellar….I wanted to spin around in the parking lot of the record store and sing “The Sound of Music”. That pretty much sums up my feelings on the return of Spring.

This also means I may finally get brick on the back of my building.
Hope springs eternal.

– Betty got to go see The Wizard of Oz stage production this week. She even dressed the Dorothy part….which, of course, meant Molly had to as well.

– We’re refinancing our house (I know, how incredibly exciting. I’ll give you a moment.) So we had the appraisal done this week. Do you know how difficult it is to keep a house tip-top and spotless with a 4 year old, a 7 year old and a dog who doesn’t know how to put any of his toys away?

Pretty darn difficult.

– They confirmed this week that the new Sherlock special will be set in Victorian England. Cumberbatch….in Victorian England. It’s just….too much. Way too much. Dude. It’s like Steven Moffett has tapped into my very BEING. Ok…maybe not….but throw in David Tennant as an ancillary character or something and I may never leave the house again.

Why did she stop photographing? Because British Men happened on TV.

A Little something New:

Melding my 2 occupational loves: Photography and running a record store, I’m going to share what I’m “spinning” this week. My musical tastes tend to run the gamut, but I’m a sucker for a hook. If you have any great, “hooky” tunes to recommend, let me know!


 My husband introduced me to Powerwolf.….which is a German Power Metal band. Yes. German Power Metal. Here’s the thing, though…it’s friggin’ catchy as all get-out. And everyone needs a little Power Metal in their life.  I’m officially making “Amen and Attack” my Wedding Season 2015 Theme Song. You heard it here first, folks.

Only 6 spots remain for my introductory photography workshop (being held at the end of April). Snag your spot now!

wisconsin photography workshop

Spent this week doing a little package tweaking and updating some of my offerings for folks. I’m also researching new packaging for flash drives. I’ve been using the flash drives that look like cassettes, which are fun and fine and dandy…..just seeing what else is out there in the vast world of packaging options.


I have NOT been quiet about my excitement for this season…and that’s because it’s going to kick a monumental amount of arse. I’ve stocked up on all the necessary studio accouterments (read: I spent money on stuff) to really rock out the type of portraits I think this area NEEDS…..WANTS….thirsts for! Seriously. I’m so ready to break the mold it ain’t even funny!

So who’s with me? I’m booking seniors right now. Incredible package offerings. On-location and in-studio options, unlimited outfit and time choices, make-up artist availability, and cozy premiere meetings to view your images. Let’s do this!


MOLLY’S 4K SCREENING. I am in complete denial about this. Complete.

A few Family sessions and a senior this weekend. More seniors next week. Bring on the seniors!

Children dressed as Dorothy

My little boogers in their Dorothy shoes.

Spring in Wisconsin

We played like it was summer. I am seriously enjoying this big thaw.





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