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2 weeks.

In 2 weeks I’ll be fulfilling a goal I’ve had since I was 12 years old.

Some people have goals to climb mountains, meet someone famous, travel to distant lands or land a fabulous occupation.

I always said I wanted the same thing. I wanted a nose job.

Laugh if you want…most people did. When I was a kid I had this little button nose….didn’t we all? But you could see what was to come. It always looked like a tiny version of my dad’s nose….hooked, bumpy….and as I grew older…it grew too. 2014-10-23_0001(Age 10. Look how pointy….but still pretty wee. Not yet the oncoming storm)

I told my parents that when I grew up and became “rich” (HA!) that was the first thing I was doing.

“But you won’t look like yourself” they said.

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“It’s not that bad”

In fact a LOT of people said “it’s not that bad”. But I have to think, does anyone ever really say “Yeah, you should do something about that thing?”

I have an Aunt that used to jokingly tape quarters in my birthday cards because my profile looked like George Washington’s. Now, this wasn’t to be cruel. Quite the contrary, I thought it was pretty funny. Mostly because it was true.

I kind of abandoned the notion for awhile in my twenties. Paying for something as frivolous as plastic surgery seemed a far off dream. It was something people did on reality TV for our amusement, not something some chick from Podunk, WI even considered.

As I entered my thirties I started to experience a lot of sinus issues, most stemming from a deviated septum. When I went in to see the ear nose and throat guy, I sort of half jokingly asked about the outside of my nose.

He was the first guy to say “Yeah, your nose is kind of jacked”

Of course, he didn’t say it THAT way (I’m better at choosing doctors than that), but he did say I had a pretty good sized bump and the whole nose wasn’t very feminine.

Finally someone was seeing what I saw every day.

2014-10-23_0002(By my teenage years I had become pretty adept at hiding my profile.  That Lowrey profile. It’s like the Barrymore’s, only not as stunning OR famous. And yeah, I used to smoke too. Yuck.  )

I started doing research and realized that while yes, “plastic” surgery is pretty pricey, it wasn’t prohibitively so. I also realized it wasn’t as “taboo” as I think it used to be. People diet or have gastric bypass to change their weight….they have dental surgery to change an unappealing smile….they wax, they pluck, they lift, they inject….all things to either stave off aging…or bad feelings about themselves.

Choosing to go under the knife voluntarily to change something about my appearance was still a surprising decision to some. But, those who mattered…I mean, REALLY mattered, supported the goal. They knew it had been a near lifelong annoyance of mine.

2014-10-23_0003 2014-10-23_0005I love my dad. I loved my Gramps. But I could have done without their noses.

I also think I don’t really fit the profile of someone people “expect” to get a nose job. For one, I rarely wear make up or obsess over my appearance in any way, really. I’m a t-shirt and jeans sort of gal….and in all honesty even my nose isn’t something I really “obsess” over. It doesn’t stop me from living my life, going out there, talking to people, being social. But, it’s always in the back of my mind….especially when I see a picture of myself. The only thing I see is “nose”.

2014-10-23_0004Engagement pictures. I’m not sure I told them to avoid profiles….because how is that even possible….but yeah…..there it is. In all it’s glory.

This week the internet went ape-ship crazy over Renee Zellwegger’s new face. How could she! What did she do! She doesn’t even LOOK like herself…..or how we believe she should look. Typical Hollywood…just trying to stay young. Ugh!

The cyber-commentary on her obviously altered appearance was pretty rough. People were actually ANGRY.   And I sat and I read all of it and I started to wonder if that’s how most people feel about DARING to alter the face that God gave you. I wondered what people would say about me….I wondered what the gossip would be.

Did you hear?

Did you know?

So fake. So PLASTIC.

Who does she think she is? Ew.

Believe me, these things have crossed my mind…more than once. I’ve been pretty open about what I’m doing, why, and when. When I told people that I was having a nose job, most reacted the same way:


Well, why not? You get one go around on this planet….and if there is a will and a way to change something that bothers you literally every single day….would you do it? I can’t exercise away a big nose. I can’t diet it away…I can’t will it away. But, I can save up some hard earned cash and have a professional take it away.

I don’t expect miracles. I don’t want to look younger or not like me. I just simply want a smaller, less bumpy shnoz.

2014-10-23_0006Dad and I and our noses….

Everyone has different goals in life. I’m realizing mine this year….at the age of 34. It’s not a lofty goal by any means…but it means a lot to me.

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Who: Taylor ~ Class of 2015 ~ South Beloit High School 

Where: Tiffany Bridge + Sweet Allyn Park

2014-10-21_0001 2014-10-21_0002 2014-10-21_0003 2014-10-21_0004 2014-10-21_0005

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Who: Katerina ~ Class of 2015 ~ Rock County Christian School 

Where: Type A Studio + Beloit College Campus

2014-10-20_0003 2014-10-20_0004 2014-10-20_0005 2014-10-20_0006

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Fractured Thoughts

- I’ve reached the point of burning the candle at both ends to such a degree that I don’t think I even have any candle left. 9 more days until NYC. 9 more days.

– I’m a little freaked about the travel logistics of NYC. I’m not a well-seasoned traveler. I’ve only been through an airport a handful of times. I’m more afraid of FINDING my plane than I am about going to NYC all by my lonesome.

– I’ve had very little time to enjoy TV this week (which is certainly affecting my mood, no doubt) but I have been trying to catch up a bit on Season 2 of Supernatural. Really liking that show so far.

– We put some very important schedule updates on the Tin Dog site, and many of them apply to Type A as well, so check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/tindogrecordsbeloit/posts/304417889752675?fref=nf

- Schedule is going to be pretty wonked in the upcoming weeks, what with travel and surgery. I’m trying my damnedest to finish ALL editing before I go under the knife, but we’ll see. It’ll be a marathon….with a sprint to the end.

– Got my copy of the New Rules for End of Life Care that I provided the photography for. It’s a new teaching DVD series by Barbara Karnes (she wrote Gone From My Sight, which is pretty much the go-to handbook for losing a loved one)

– Last wedding before a 7 week break was this past weekend. It was a good one too….Tardis cufflinks, lobster claw puppet hands, good times…..I NEED this break though. I’ve been running at full steam for months now and my energy is starting to wane.

– This week? More crazy before my break. Shooting, editing, meetings, store, sleep, Supernatural, eat when I can, drop.

– WEDDINGS: We are heading into what is typically high booking season. I’m not looking to take as many weddings as I typically do in 2015 to leave room for family, the store, seniors, etc. So, if you are getting hitched next year and still need a shooter, better hop to it!

– SENIORS: Reminder #525,600  (see what I did there? Nerd.)…..YOU NEED TO GET ME YOUR YEARBOOK PICKS. Most area schools have a December deadline. Please get those in to me ASAP. With the number of reminders I’m throwin’ atcha, there’s no reason why anyone should miss yearbook deadline. Seriously, though.

– I still have openings for the Generations fundraiser on December 7th. This is a session for grandparents and grandkids. $50 donation gets you digital images + an 8×10 and all proceeds go to the Beloit Regional Hospice.  If you want to reserve a time, please email typeaimages@gmail.com

2014-10-20_0001 We had a Ninja at this week’s wedding. Maggie was obviously super excited about this. 2014-10-20_0002New Rules and New T-shirts.

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Who: The Marquettes 

Where: Beloit College Campus & That Area Behind the Old Cub Foods (does that have a name?)

2014-10-19_0055 Sloane was being a straight up stinker pie…it’s a good thing I’m fast.2014-10-19_00562014-10-19_00572014-10-19_00582014-10-19_0059

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